Banco 2.0 ?

Banco 2.0! Será que veremos um grande update no modelo atual? Menos taxas, mais seguranças, mais global, mais conectado. Isso até parece conto de fadas, mas é real e não é a única startup que está tendo sucesso nesta área.

If you don’t like your current bank, Number26 is here for you. The German startup has been trying to reinvent the average banking experience in Germany and Austria. It is now expanding to six new European countries — France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia and Spain.

Anybody who lives in one of these countries can now open a bank account in 8 minutes by downloading the iOS or Android app. I tried opening an account and it was pretty accurate. I didn’t have to leave my home, or send any document. Instead, you just need to make a video phone call and show your passport to a representative... [leia mais]
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